If you are transferring into The University of South Dakota, you can use this form to get an idea of which courses are transferable from your old college or university.

To use this form, select the state in which your old college is located, and press the "Submit" button.

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NOTE: The transfer equivalency information is dynamic and can be updated on a daily basis. The colleges and universities listed are those for which USD has established an equivalency table. As more equivalents are established, this table will be updated. These lists are intended to be used as a guideline and do not guarantee that a specific course will transfer. The transfer database is not considered an agreement or contract between individual students and the University of South Dakota.

This information is provided for assistance with transfer planning and does not represent an official USD credit evaluation, which is only provided after a student applies for transfer and is admitted to the University. The applicability of transfer courses to an individual student's USD program and degree requirements is determined when an admitted student meets with his/her academic advisor(s) at USD. For information about USD program requirements, see the current undergraduate catalog.

Only those courses completed at institutions accredited by one of the regional accrediting agencies will be considered for transfer. However, regional accreditation does not automatically result in transferability of course work.

When possible, transfer courses will be equated to specific USD courses. When direct equivalencies are not available, elective credit in an appropriate academic department will be awarded.

USD students - ALWAYS consult with your USD academic advisor before enrolling in course work offered at another institution to assure its applicability to your graduation requirements. You should also consult with the Registrar's Office to ensure the transferability of the course work to USD.